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Remote work best practices, remote job tips, and more.

Welcome To Be Remote Consulting

I help my clients to find remote jobs, build online businesses, and put the systems in place to work from anywhere in the world. You can watch my full interview on Retired Working For You. In this video I'm discussing the cost of living as a digital nomad in Koh Samui Thailand.

The future of work is remote

As the Internet becomes more ubiquitous and the digital economy continues to grow in scope, more people are waking up to the reality that it's now easier than ever to escape the 9-5 grind, create a life of more freedom, and be their own boss. All you need is a laptop, decent Wi-Fi connection, and comfortable place to work. There's co-working spaces all over the world in popular digital nomad hot-spots like Bali, Chiang Mai, Medellin, Singapore, Buenos Aires -- these are just the few locations I've already had the opportunity to visit.

How can I help adapt to the remote work lifestyle?


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If you are looking for a remote work consultant, call Mike first. More knowledge and experience than most. He played a significant role in guiding me on how to be an effective remote worker.

— Muhammad Butt

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Mike shares a lot of value about LinkedIn marketing. Blessed to have him on my podcast because of getting new ideas and methods that I didn't see at any other places. Recommend his course 100% to everyone!

— Anatolii Ulitovskyi

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Mike has the follow through to get things done, which is surprisingly not a common trait in today's world. I'd recommend setting up an intro call with Mike if you're looking for someone to help with marketing tactics!

— Clark Jacobs

Mike Holp

My name is Mike Holp. I help my clients escape the 9-5 grind and adapt to full-time remote work by providing remote business consulting, personalized coaching services, training programs, and online courses.

I've been living and working remotely from Thailand for 3 years. It all started with a one-way ticket to Bali Indonesia and the rest is history. I've traveled to 20 countries while working remotely online, generating passive income, and finding clients on LinkedIn.

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If I'm not happy with my purchase can I get a refund?

Please in get contact at any time if you're not satisfied with your coaching. We do our best to ensure all clients are happy and need to determine on a case-by-case basis the eligibility of refunds.

How does appointment scheduling work?

When you've completed purchasing you'll be able to login to your coaching account and can find out the next steps required to book a time for your appointment from there.

Is it possible to buy coaching more than once?

For sure! You simply need to purchase coaching again and will be able to get access to another set of coaching sessions.